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Our Detox Program


The detoxification program used at Hoskins Chiropractic was developed by a doctor right here in Colorado.  Dr. Hyatt, the developer of the program has also developed many homeopathic products used by hundreds of doctors throughout the world.  Dr. Hoskins has been personally trained by Dr. Hyatt on the use of the program.   "We have seen tremendous results with this detoxification program and are excited to see the continued success our patients will experience with it," says Dr. Hoskins.


How this program works!

We are constantly putting toxins into our bodies, whether from the pollution in the air we breath to the preservatives or the many other toxins that have been added to our food.  We are continuously bombarding our body with toxins.  These toxins cause many issues such as; IBS, sluggishness, digestive issues, inability to loose weight, headaches, allergies, diseases, etc.  These toxins over work our liver (the body part responsible for processing toxins) which then must find alternatives for storing the toxins that are unable to be processed.  One of these storage sites is fat, since it is inert.  This is one of the reason why many people are unable to loose weight or can't seem to loose it in a specific area.  If the body has stored toxins in the fat it will not use that fat no matter how hard you workout, unless it's in crisis mode.  Meaning that unless your body is choosing between dying or using the fat and releasing more toxins in the body it will not use that fat.  So the goal there would be to lessen the toxic load and allow the liver to process some of the stored toxins.  An unhealthy gut can also be responsible for many toxins passing through into the blood stream.  This can cause any number of different issues from headaches to intestinal discomfort.

There are literally hundreds of different programs out there today, from home remedies, to those programs costing hundreds of dollars.  "I have tried many of these myself," says Dr. Hoskins, "with mild to moderate results, but I've never had or seen anything close to the results that my patients and I have gotten with these products and this program."  This program is specifically tailored for each individual.  Each person is tested to ensure their body can handle the intensity of the program. Children or people on certain drug regiments may have to do a more modified program.  The program uses a combination of bentonite clays and fiber that pull toxins from the body.  These clays can absorb up to 40% of their weight in toxins.  The clay as it starts traveling the intestinal tract will dry out and help expel any impacted fecal material on the intestinal wall. Then it goes to work puling toxins from the intestines.  After that it starts pulling toxins from the rest of the body.   During his program Dr. Hoskins lost 25 lbs and his wife Lisa lost 10 lbs, primarily from her thighs (her problem area), in addition to the many other healthy benefits they received from the program.  And the great news about this program is it costs less than $2 a meal.