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What Others Are Saying


It was a very good day for me when I met Dr. Hoskins. I have had operations on my neck and hip, for my reward I have had to wear a brace and have had pain in my neck and feet. I lost the use of my right hand and arm with severe pain in my feet. After the second treatment I noted less pain and a returning of some of the use of my right hand. Several treatments later I am using my right hand and arm nearly as much as ever, and some muscle has returned. Again I say A VERY GOOD DAY.

Chiropractic Pt R Johnson Ralph J. - Longmont

I first started seeing Dr. Hoskins for relief from pain. The results have been amazing. I had a frozen shoulder and through treatment was able to have movement restored without surgery or more drastic treatments. In addition I had a compressed disc in my back. The pain was relieved and over time with adjustments my lower back is back to normal. I have been ecstatic about the results I've received through treatment! I am amazed and pleased with the treatment for me and my family.

Annette S. - Longmont

Luke had chronic ear infections and had tubes put in his ears. When the tubes came out the problems returned. The doctors talked about tubes again. I started Luke in treatments with Dr. Hoskins. The ear infections and drainage issues cleared up. Chiropractic has been awesome for him and has cleared up his problems.

Mom of Luke S. - Longmont

My 2year old son was experiencing withheld bowel movements and was having trouble walking. After having his hips realigned he was able to walk normally again, the bonus was that he started releasing his bowel and not experiencing pain when doing so. My 5 year old daughter we later brought in after falling off the swing at the park that brought on bed wetting at night. After her adjustment the wetting stopped completely!

Sonya M. - Longmont