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Hoskins Chiropractic, Longmont's leader in true homeopathics, has teamed up with HumanKind International to bring you a phenomenal homeopathic product line for a new kind of healing. Dr. Hoskins has trained for years with the HumanKind founder to learn how to best utilize these Homeopathics. Homeopathics combined with the chiropractic adjustment are used to restore the body to optimal health.

Why homeopathics...instead of basic vitamins, minerals and natural supplements?

Homeopathics go beyond what other supplements and remedies can do.

Homeopathics, by nature, work in a much deeper and more exacting avenue. They address the same symptomatic patterns but, along with the nutrient and chemical rebalancing abilities of other remedies, homeopathics effect and establish a cellular rebalancing on an electrical and vibrational level.

Homeopathics, as with all true remedies, were originally used to affect a change in the cause of symptomatic outcry by the body. With the pervasive medical thought in today’s society, the true knowledge and use of homeopathy have been to a great extent reduced to a symptom-chasing protocol.

Effective use of homeopathy in this day and age, with the body so vastly out of balance compared to 100 or even 2000 years ago, means a different application. Instead of utilizing some of the common well-known homeopathics, HumanKind International has researched, sourced and accessed over 260 raw homeopathic ingredients from five continents. With specific combinations and complexes, the HumanKind Resources products can influence the various organs and organ systems and draw them into the appropriate supportive and healing patterns.

While the specific ingredients are crucial, the specific ratios and sequences and the very specific dilutions are key to inspiring the body to rebalance to health, to re-learn healthy status and to release aberrant patterns once and for all.



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