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Do you suffer from…

  • food/environmental/animal sensitivities
  • chronic pain
  • digestive or respiratory issues
  •  inflammation of any kind
  •  Anxiety and/or Depression

Well, you don’t need to suffer anymore!

The ASA Balance, Body Balancing System is 21 Century technology now available in our office that can help with all of the above conditions and much more. We are excited to offer this to you and your family exclusively in our office.
In this ever changing world of healthcare, Systemic Inflammation is at the root of nearly every chronic illness today and affects our modern society in epidemic proportions. 
Even if you do not suffer from overt symptoms or have not been diagnosed with any specific disease, by being exposed to processed and genetically modified foods, drinking contaminated water and chemically treated beverages, breathing polluted air and even the stress of the morning commute can cause a body to be out of balance. This is why most every human is in need of cellular detoxification, as well as emotional and physical body balancing.

ASA Balance MachineThe ASA Balance can successfully help with today’s most common healthcare conditions because it simply works with the body to identify imbalances within itself. Once these imbalances are identified, the ASA Balance generates a custom therapeutic remedy specific for each individual.  The practitioner then is able to broadcast that custom remedy through a low level therapeutic laser into specific points on the body while imprinting the same remedy directly into an imprintable bracelet that the patient wears to reinforce the treatment.

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